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Hwy 52 -Lafayette Freeway

Lane closures underway on westbound 94 All of you headed west on I-94 through St. Paul may experience delays with the current lane restrictions on westbound Interstate 94 between Mounds and the Hwy 52/I-35E interchange. The westbound interstate is currently restricted to two lanes so crews can build the I-94 bridge piers to accommodate the new ramp from northbound Hwy 52 to westbound I-94. The ramp from Mounds Blvd to westbound I-94 is also closed. The lanes and ramp are scheduled to reopen by Monday, July 16. When completed by early 2015 the new Lafayette Bridge will provide two through-lanes and an auxiliary lane in each direction for entering and exiting traffic. The project also includes modification and realignment of the Highway 52 Bridges spanning I-94. A pedestrian and bicycle lane on the northbound bridge is included in the plan.


94 West project in St Paul

How long is this going to continue?  Having to drive this each morning, I'd recommend putting the lane closure lighted sign in a safer place.  Where it is now, people don't move over until it's almost too late - I can see accidents coming!